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BOPP precoated film

BOPP composite precoat film is a new kind of film covering material for printing industry after laminating materials with oil-based (solvent-based), water-based (emulsion) and net-coated precoat.

It uses advanced production technology and composite materials production, the main raw materials used to import special materials.

The product is more comprehensive solution to the old materials, the old process by the existence of environmental protection, safety and quality aspects of the problem, with non-toxic, no smell, safety, health; bonding, bending, anti-stamping performance;

Simple operation, no solvent, no drying, energy saving and environmental protection, strong adaptability;

It is widely used in books and albums, exquisite prints, color box, tag and medicine, alcohol and tobacco, and other food packaging bags (boxes) on the printed materials bright, bright, high color saturation.

This product has a wide range of application advantages, its use will bring you considerable social and economic benefits.

main feature: 

Safe (without solvent, eradication of fire hazards)

Environmental protection (no odor of the product, no harmful gases)

Hygiene (in line with food hygiene standards)

Bright (bright, glossy, high color saturation)

Strong (strong adhesion, bending, anti-stamping, anti-foaming performance)

Energy-saving (no drying process, energy-saving than the oily film process more than 50%

Simple (easy to operate, without professional skills)

Fast (sticky instantly, to adapt to rapid production)

The main purpose:

Applicable to all kinds of paper products, paper aluminum composite, anti-paper materials, India after plastic.

BOPP pre-coated film using parameters:

Film equipment: dry, wet and pre-coated film machine

Hot Roller Temperature: General Printing: 85 ℃ -100 ℃ (Special Print: 100 ℃ -110 ℃)

Pressure: 10Mpa-18Mpa

Speed: 8m-50m / min

Note: special printing refers to the ink layer thickness, color depth, water weight, paper, and other large quantity of printed matter.

The above parameters are for reference only, in the application to be specific to the actual situation of parameter adjustment


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